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HID-EUROPE is a partner company of AIC SE LTDA Manaus (Brazil)

HID Europe GmbH + Co. KG, located in Krefeld, Germany is developing and installing Energy System for OFF GRID application all over the world. For its systems HID is using state of the art AVRLA batteries manufactured by HITACHI, Japan. All other components such as inverters, battery charges and other major electronic components are manufactured and designed in Germany.

We offer a full scale support in every project stage. Our services start with project planning, where we apply our own simulation software that is able to determine the technical as well as commercial optimal solution. This helps our client to have a solid base of information on which a reliable investment plan can be build. In the next stage we do the engineering and detailed planning considering the technical, environmental and logistical challenges of the location, providing our customers with detailed cost for a turnkey solution.

Our goal is to provide our clients with HIGH QUALITY Systems, which will meet the requirements of long lasting investments.

That is why we only use proven products and components that guarantee sustainability, and state of the art environmental responsibility. The relationship with our customers and partners is built on trust and long-term partnerships.

We are proud to state that we are a leading company in the field of HYBRID ENERGY SYTEMS using ENERGY STORAGE. We have deep knowledge in systems design, which compasses different classes of technologies such as PV-Systems, Wind Power, Energy Storage and Diesel Generation. We are certain that we can provide the right solution to your energy needs.


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Phone: +49 2151 48449 00
E-Mail: info@hid-europe.de
New Website Online | September 25, 2013

HID-EUROPE re launched its website completely. You can find it here: www.hid-europe.com. The new site and design […]


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E-mail: info@hid-europe.de
Fon: +49 2151 48449-00
Fax: +49 2151 48449-99

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